Lasik Vision

Lasik eye surgery provides a truly unique opportunity; regaining sight. For many the idea of losing the ability to see is scarier than any nightmare or shadow in the night. It is a milestone that no one wants to reach and now thanks to Lasik vision diminished sight does not have to be a reality.

Lasik vision provides patients with the ability to correct vision problems with minimal complications. Laser eye surgery delivers amazing results in a relatively short period of time. Patients will often see improvements hours after the procedure. The way Lasik works is by reshaping the actual cornea with a laser that is able to correct vision and prepare refractive errors.

Patients prefer Lasik vision since the procedure is minimal with a short recovery time. The main benefit of the surgery is of course improved vision and for many that is more than enough reason to undergo surgery. Patients will experience some side effects most of which are nominal and rarely inhibit their day to day life. There may be some minor pain and discomfort for an hour after the surgery. It is also possible to experience vision that goes in and out of focus but this typically lasts for a week and is normal.

Other effects can include:

• Dry eyes
• Tender eyelids
• Runny nose
• Watery eyes

It is recommended that patients of Lasik vision try to avoid long stretches of reading or watching television since concentrating on a task can reduce the amount of blinking. Lasik vision patients often go back to work after one day but with only a light work load.

The benefits of lasik extend far beyond improved vision. Self-confidence, freedom from contact lenses and glasses, and even career paths that were once inaccessible are just some benefits enjoyed by patients.